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The Courses
The Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School in Hong Kong offers two different watchmaking courses designed to qualify students to work in the field of customer service.
The 3,000-Hour WOSTEP Program (Reg. No. 372249)
This course lasts 2 years and entails 3,000 hours of theoretical and practical instruction that covers the manufacture of tools and watch parts as well as service and maintenance procedures for all types of watches.
The syllabus includes:

In the initial phase, students will learn to use basic watchmaking tools for shaping metals. Emphasis is placed on topics related to micro-technology, including the metric system of measurement, tracing, sawing, precision filing, tool-making and tool-sharpening. Students will undertake projects involving the watchmakers’ lathe, heat treatment and polishing processes. Demonstrations will be given, and students will have the opportunity to work on individual projects, making watch parts and hand tools with guidance from instructors. They will also gain an insight into the concept and physics of time, and the evolution of time-measuring devices from a historical perspective.

Mechanical watches
There are two distinct phases which focus on the mechanical watch. Students will learn about the many different complications available in watches: various self-winding and calendar systems, phases of the moon, calibrations, and mechanical and quartz watches. They will also acquire basic mechanical knowledge and learn how to dismantle and re-assemble a watch while improving their manual dexterity.

Advanced mechanical and electronic watches
In this section, students will acquire more detailed knowledge about various types of complications, chronographs and electronic watches and learn maintenance and casing procedures, including how to fit all components correctly.
Organization of after-sales service
Students will be prepared for the various opportunities available to the professional watchmaker. This part of the course concentrates on how an efficient customer service can be set up and how standard operating procedures can be implemented.
Preparation for the WOSTEP Certificate examination
The course concludes with intensive preparation for the WOSTEP Certificate examination.

Once they have successfully completed the course and passed the five intermediate examinations, students must prove their skills in the final examination set by WOSTEP to obtain a WOSTEP certificate. The final examination includes theoretical and practical tests that cover all aspects of horology.

The WOSTEP certificate is internationally recognized and provides a basis for excellent employment opportunities.
The students will be required to undergo a basic Omega Watchmaker Evaluation (OWME). The minimum mark that each student must obtain in order to proceed to further evaluations is 80%. Students who do not achieve 80% will have to resit the OWME basic evaluation when they are already working as watchmakers in their own countries, otherwise they will not be able to try for higher OWME evaluations.
The WOSTEP Watch Service Technician Program (Reg. No. 372363)
This 1-year course entails 1,800 hours of instruction and has been recently introduced by WOSTEP in partnership with the Swiss watch industry.  

The course is based on a modular approach that focuses on the broad understanding of the complete watch with repairs being carried out by exchanging components. Nicolas G. Hayek school offers its students the opportunity to work on a representative kit of Swatch Group watches belonging to the brands' current collections as well as different types of movements, designs and techniques.
The course as presented by WOSTEP covers:
Fundamental working standards
  • cleanliness
  • organisation
  • methodological approach
  • damage prevention
  • critical observation
Fundamental technical skills
  • cleaning and lubrication
  • handling and inspecting components
  • justification for replacing components
  • system controls
  • adjusting the endshake
  • identifying and correcting faults
  • regulating standard type systems
  • performance confirmation procedures

The modules included in the course as presented by WOSTEP are:
Manual techniques
  • measuring
  • sawing
  • filing
  • drilling
  • reaming
  • connection techniques
Principles of service
  • encasing
  • basic servicing skills and methodology
  • basic principles of how standard watches, quartz/mechanical, work
  • critical observation
  • lubrication
  • system controls
  • revision and repairs
Analysis and regulation
  • analytical working methods and techniques for assessing functioning
  • functional adjustments – endshake
  • regulation within manufacturers' tolerances
  • additional simple complications – calendar, automatic
  • performance confirmation techniques (quality control)
  • revision and repairs
Once the students have successfully completed the course and passed the three intermediate and the final examination, they will be able to exchange movements for standard calibers and repair, service and encase standard mechanical and electronic movements up to a chronograph for which spare parts are available.
The WOSTEP Watch Service Technician's certificate is recognized by the Swiss watch industry and the Swiss authorities and provides a basis for excellent employment opportunities.

It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead

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